qPCR as a Tool for Early Detection of Alzheimer´s Disease



June 12, 2014

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  • The discovery of circulating nucleic acids in the cerebrospinal liquid opened the possibility for searching of new class of biomarkers. A change of mtDNA levels in CSF seems to be very early event preceding the manifestations of Alzheimer´s disease symptoms by at least a decade. The low abundance of circulating mitochondrial DNA (in order of hundredths of copies per sample) presents specific challenges in its reliable quantitation, being the ddPCR currently the most appropriate tool. The possibility of absolute quantitation combined with direct assaying of non-purified samples, made this possible and straightforward. The importance of proper controls for achieving meaningful conclusions and reproducibility will be highlighted. The new possibilities in which dPCR opens for nucleic acids quantitation opens for direct quantitation in biological samples combined with increased resolution will be shared.

    Analytical Techniques

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