The Microfluidic Toolbox – Modular Approaches for Integrated Microfluidics



October 16, 2013

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  • Microfluidics has in recent years made the critical transition from being a technology looking for a problem to a real problem-solving tool. However a comparatively high entry barrier still exists for the utilization of this technology due to its multidisciplinary nature and apparent complexity. Especially in the development of highly integrated sample-in-result-out devices e.g. for molecular diagnostics or biothreat analysis, the generation of a successful microfluidic design de-novo often proves to be a significant challenge. In order to solve this problem, we have developed a modular toolbox approach. In this strategy, functional elements are defined, realized and validated and combined in the second stage to an integrated device. We will present examples of such developments for applications in molecular diagnostics, food and pathogen analysis, and point out critical stages of such developments as well as insights in overcoming these hurdles. By modularizing developments, especially the early proof-of-concept phases can be realized faster and at lower cost compared to conventional approaches.

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