Improving Organic Synthesis by Exploiting Flow Reactor



October 16, 2012

The chemical industry is exploring many routes to improve the cleanliness and efficiency of synthetic processes. One such approach is the application of micro reaction and flow reaction technology, which enables reactions to be performed more rapidly, efficiently and selectively than batch-scale reactions. By optimising the residence time within the reactor, we are able to perform reactions that are very difficult to control in batch. In addition, compared with conventional reaction methodology, the inherent safety associated with the use of small reactor volumes enables users to employ reaction conditions previously thought to be too hazardous for use within a production environment; such as extreme reaction conditions or the use/generation of ‘hazardous’ compounds. Consequently, the types of reactions available to the R&D chemist increases through the use of this technology. In this talk, we will present an overview of chemical reactions conducted in these reactors.

Analytical TechniquesChemistryDrug DiscoveryFlow Chemistry

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