New Insights in Cell Cultures Continuous Monitoring by Nano-Bio-Technology for Sensing and Imaging



July 17, 2012

Sandro Carrara, Senior Research ScientistSwiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne

Monitoring of metabolic compounds, such as glucose, glutamate, and lactate, is extensively reported in literature, especially for clinical purposes. However, the application of such technologies for monitoring cell cultures has not been deeply explored. Monitoring systems, including imagers, can provide further information to characterize cell lines that are not fully known, e.g. stem and embryonic cells. In this keynote talk, two kinds of cell culture markers will be addressed: the cell metabolites released into the culture media, and the surface receptors on the cells' surface. Nano-structured electrodes by using multi-walled carbon nanotubes are presented for specific detection of metabolites in neuron cultures. CMOS imager and nano-scale image processing are presented for detection of surface receptors in CaCo2 cells. Simulations are used to show the behavior of such nano-bio-structures during sensing and imaging. Experimental data from Fluorescent Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, electrochemical amperometry and voltammetry are presented. The monitoring of cell cultures of neurons precursors and CaCo2 cells is used to show the potentiality of the proposed approach for continuous monitoring of metabolism in cell cultures.

MicrofluidicsMolecular Biology

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