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Fully Automated Molecular Testing; Pre-commercial Evaluation of a Cassette Based System Versus Existing Methods for HSV Evaluation



January 19, 2012

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  • Molecular assays have made their way into clinical laboratories and are more and more prominent. Most of them still require a lot of hands on time. The confirmation of presumptive Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) infection is still mainly handled manually using cell culture. HSV testing is a good example were liquid handling molecular assays bring great improvement for the patient. It would improve availability, accuracy and time to result for HSV testing. Nevertheless, those molecular tests require a lot of hands on time. The IDbox system integrates nucleic acid extraction, purification, PCR amplification, and detection. It minimizes hands-on time, risk of errors, contamination. A set of contrived HSV samples was sent out to laboratories performing HSV testing on validated assays to compare to the IDbox HSV1/2 assay. The data showed some improvement to the sensitivity of the IDbox assay over other tests. Not only this study demonstrates that the GenturaDx IDbox HSV 1/2 assay has the potential to provide faster and more sensitive than other molecular assays on the market but also that the IDbox system would allow other assays to be more sensitive as well.

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