Corrado Priami interviewed by Modeling the World on Algorithmic Systems Biology



August 1, 2011

COSBI President Corrado Priami explains how the research Center was created in 2004 - as joint partnership between the University of Trento and Microsoft Research. COSBI works with Microsoft to exploit its scientific and technological competencies for providing industrial and scientific partners with tools to store data, design models, perform experiments, so as to keep track of all simulations. COSBI modeling approach relies on algorithms: the biological entity is associated with a process or program and the interaction between different entities is represented by the exchange of messages between the programs; while the simulation is a distributed execution of the action based systems of programs. COSBI attacks the 4 As challenge for predictive medicine: acquisition, archive, access and analysis of data. Hence collection and storage of data need to be accompanied by interpretation and abstraction; the right abstraction of the dynamics of biological systems represents the solution for addressing the huge amount of data and enables simulation base discovery in biology, like it is already happening in many other scientific disciplines.

InformaticsMolecular Biology

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