Patent Pheromones: Attracting Money, Repelling Infringement, Prompting a Mating Response



July 21, 2011

This program will address IP disasters peculiar to U.S. law. We consider patent rights sufficient to keep VCs happy – and associated costs. An examination of hurdles to acquiring U.S. university owned technology. Also considered will be agreement provisions which avoiding deal killing, U.S.-style, thermonuclear litigation. Patent strategies for partnering to acquire specific magic (e.g., a delivery system or a dosage form) and how to live with less than total exclusivity will be explained. Also: ▪ On-Sale Bar, First-to-Invent. ▪ Who pays for and who controls the patent process? ▪ What keeps you out of court. ▪ Preventing a licensee from both (i) keeping a license and (ii) suing for non-infringement. ▪ How joint research projects kill patents. The CREATE Act.

Drug Discovery

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