Targeted Metabolomics Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Biomedical and Environmental Analyses



June 1, 2011

Whilst the application of mass spectrometry to the selective study of specific biomolecules via single reaction monitoring is well documented and metabolomics analysis aims to provide an unbiased global analysis of metabolites, the focus of the talk is upon the utilization of mass spectrometry to allow the selective analysis of a specific subset of compounds from a biological source. Such “targeted metabolomic” analysis has applications in biomedical and environmental areas of research and examples of these are discussed. Biomedical applications include the use of mass spectrometry in studying the urinary modified nucleosides as potential biomarkers of cancer, whilst environmental studies include the profiling of secondary metabolites from agricultural biocontrol organisms. Further such analyses bridge biomedical and ecological analysis such as the profling of the flavonoid content of plant species utilized as medical herbal remedies and are recognized as analytical methods for the control of the quality control of such materials. The talk discusses the development of these types of applications and examples of their implementation.


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