Novel Methodology for Improving Crystal Quality in Microbatch



June 1, 2011

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  • Two new techniques that have led to the improvement of crystal quality in microbatch format are presented. The former involves the inversion of microbatch plates throughout the duration of the crystallisation trial. Crystallisation in this position was found to be enhanced with crystals of the target MyBPC diffracting to the best ever obtained resolution of 1.2Å. It is proposed that this can be attributed to the negation of drop contact with the crystallisation vessel enabled by this method in a manner similar to containerless crystallisation. The latter is an automated microseeding protocol that was designed to be applied in a routine manner, using existing robotics and without the requirement of specialised tools. This protocol utilises the robots dispensing tip as a seeding tool and is particularly suited to optimisation as it minimises the introduction of bias from the seed stock. Larger, better ordered crystals were obtained in comparison to conventional approaches.

    Molecular Biology

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