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3D Cell Culture in Drug Discovery and Disease Modeling Webinar



October 1, 2013

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  • As a supplier of the most advanced and extensive range of 3D tools to the life science community, AMSBIO have been invited to take part in a '3D Cell Culture in Drug Discovery and Disease Modeling' Webinar. The focus was on discussing the latest advances in the 3D technology and its contribution to conducting more realistic research. Dr. Erik Miljan - founding director of Simply Cells Ltd assessed the impact on the physiological relevance of in vitro cell based models using traditional ECM proteins, recombinant biomimetics hydrogels and other matrices like polystyrene scaffolds in drug discovery and disease modeling applications. Highlighting real examples including spheroid and neuronal stem cell culture, Dr. Miljan demonstrated how the different 3D technologies that AMSBIO provides can help researchers to successfully perform the 3D applications relevant to their needs. We focus on three main platform technologies: alvetex® 3D synthetic scaffold Cultrex® 3D natural extracellular matrices and kits MAPTrix™ 3D recombinant animal-free hydrogels.

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