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May 22, 2013

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  • Roberta Morris introduces new Thermo Scientific technologies improving productivity in cell culture from filtration through analysis. Increase performance and accelerate results with the latest technologies and innovations. Find our about the new Thermo Scientific Nunc Edge 96-well Plates with large perimeter evaporative buffer zones that eliminate well-to-well variability while dramatically reducing the overall plate evaporation rate to less than 2 percent after seven days of incubation. See the new Thermo Scientific Nalgene Rapid-Flow Filter that is uniquely designed to optimize membrane stability, resulting in faster flow rates, increased throughput and added protection against cell culture contamination. Unlike most other filters, Rapid-Flow uses an array of evenly spaced columns that ensure uniform membrane support under vacuum. In contrast, filter units that utilize a radial spoke design suffer from added membrane distortion that promotes clogging, which in turn reduces filtration speed and throughput.

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