Ion Chromatography "Charge Detector"



May 22, 2013

The Thermo Scientific Dionex QD is the first commercially available charge detector for ion chromatography (IC) delivering improved analytical results and data confidence. Combined with suppressed conductivity detection, this new charge detector technology enables or improved peak identification along with retention time, peak purity analysis and quantification in ion chromatography. Learn how the Thermo Scientific Dionex QD uses a novel membrane-based desalting technology that detects ions in proportion to their charge and concentration. This produces a signal for triply charged ions, such as phosphate, that is three times greater than singly charged ions, such as chloride. Ions with the same charge and concentration yield similar response, permitting reliable quantification of known and unknown compounds using a single standard. Learn about this advancement developed in collaboration with Dr. Purnendu Dasgupta, University of Texas at Arlington, chemistry department.

Analytical TechniquesChromatographyEnvironmental MonitoringEnvironmental Science

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