Thermo Scientific ASE Autosampler



April 22, 2013

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  • - The new Thermo Scientific TriPlus RSH autosampler will automate and accelerate your GC and GC/MS analysis, enabling reliable, unattended, and reproducible injections at microvolumes, up to 648 2-mL vials and multiple 100 mL solvent bottles stations. Learn how the new TriPlus RSH autosampler model delivers advanced sample handling automation run after run. It's a workhorse and lab robot that handles it all - dilution, derivatization, standard addition, internal standard additions, and more with the ability to exchange syringes during operation. It can operate unattended overnights and weekends and handle injection modes changes in a sequence such as liquid to HS to SPME.

    DiagnosticsFood and BeverageForensic ScienceMass Spectrometry

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