Urine Molecular Profiling Distinguishes Health and Disease: A Fresh View on Diagnostics



June 1, 2011

Pattern and image analysis becomes increasingly popular in clinical bioanalytical research due to advances both in technology and bioinformatics. We have found that chromatography/mass spectrometry profiles of morning urine of volunteers contains characteristic information which not only allows distinguishing healthy persons independently of their gender but is also capable of, e.g., describing the female monthly hormone cycle. The possibilities provided by urine profiles are not fully evaluated yet but they are expected to involve the diagnosis of early onset of disease, the impact of medication on an individual and the monitoring of patients under therapy. We are currently building a database both of samples and datasets to investigate the whole impact of the novel technology by cluster analysis. The methodology requires the collection of 3-6 samples of each kind in order to guarantee statistical relevance. The analysis itself takes about 2 hours and is therefore, well suited for diagnostic or monitoring purposes.


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