Luminex business model



January 31, 2011

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  • Luminex uses an approach that aims at delivering their unique technologies to the people that need them – as quickly as possible. We work with a channel-partner model, in which we share our resources openly with strategic partners. This enables our partners, who are market leaders in their respective fields, to develop and market their own systems and applications using xMAP® Technology. Our approach is supported by our open-architecture technology, which creates significant opportunities for our end-users. By pooling our efforts to develop assays, hardware, and software, we are creating multiple channels for success, while speeding the adoption of xMAP Technology in a broad range of applications. Saving Lives Faster with Partners Luminex partners draw upon their specific expertise to create their own multiplexed kits based on our xMAP Technology. Partners can develop custom software for the xMAP platform according to individual market needs. Luminex can even connect ass

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