Unlocking New Cures: How Functional Genomic Screening Revolutionizes Drug Discovery



September 26, 2023

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  • In this exclusive Teach Me in 10, Dr. James Goldmeyer, Associate Director at Revvity, delves into the transformative impact of functional genomic screening in the realm of drug discovery. Revvity, a leader in the field, provides comprehensive solutions spanning research, development, diagnosis, and treatment. Dr. Goldmeyer, with his extensive experience, sheds light on the potential applications and outcomes of this cutting-edge technique. Viewers will gain an understanding of how this technique works and the tools involved, including CRISPR-based technologies and RNA interference. Dr.Goldmeyer explains how these components synergize to form a robust platform for researchers. The interview explores how this approach benefits researchers in their quest for novel therapies. Notably, functional genomic screening bridges the gap left by traditional methods, enabling the development of personalized treatments with greater precision and detail. The discussion further illuminates the pivotal role of functional genomic screening in various stages of drug discovery. The technique aids in target identification, elucidating drug response mechanisms, and unraveling in vivo tumor biology. Despite its numerous advantages, potential disadvantages are also examined, contributing to a well-rounded understanding of the approach. Revvity's specialized focus on gene modification is highlighted, with emphasis on potential applications and diseases that stand to benefit. The interview explores how functional genomic screening not only accelerates drug discovery but also lends itself to the development of innovative cell-based therapies.

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