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September 25, 2023

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  • Creative Biolabs provides professional custom service packages to fully meet client's specific needs in drug development journey, especially for various antibody related modalities (monoclonal antibody, single domain antibody, bispecific antibody, multi-specific antibody, ADC, CAR T, etc.). Creative Biolabs generates antibodies against different targets ranging from hapten, soluble protein, membrane protein and whole cells, using well established multiple platforms such as hybridoma, phage display and B cell sorting for novel antibody discovery, enabling to provide the most suitable approach to the client's project. What makes Creative Biolabs distinguished from competitors is that we proceed clients' projects according to their specific demands in quality, timeline and budget, supporting researchers across different therapeutic areas. Clear, open and regular communication with customers is as important to our success as our in-depth scientific knowledge. Having carved a unique niche by scripting many such success stories, Creative Biolabs' services are expanding from antibody discovery and development to a broader area, including immunotherapy and cell and gene therapies.

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