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September 11, 2023

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  • Welcome to CSDU, where U watch, U try, and U test yourself to learn and discover how you can use the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) data and software to contextualise insights in structural data, inform and advance your research. This video introduces all our CSDU modules with an overview of the CCDC, the CSD and the CSDU format. - 00:00 Introduction to CSDU. - 00:26 Introduction of the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre and our mission to advance chemistry and crystallography for the public benefit. - 00:57 Crystallographic databases: what they are and what you can find inside. - 03:01 From the origins of the CCDC and the CSD to over 1 million structures! - 04:08 Spotlight on CSD refcodes. Used to identify entries in the CSD, you will use them a lot throughout the tutorials in the CSDU modules and in your use of the CSD. - 06:04 The CrystEngComm special issue on the CSD. - 06:53 The CSDU modules format: Watch, Try, Test. In the “Watch” part, you will learn what you can do with the software and see a demo tutorial; in the “Try” part, you will try the tools yourself with a self-guided workshop tutorial; in the “Test” part, you will complete a short test to receive a completion certificate for the module. Find all the modules in the CSDU area of our website: https://www.ccdc.cam.ac.uk/Community/educationalresources/CSDU/ Follow us on social media: Instagram: @ccdc_cambridge Twitter: @ccdc_cambridge Facebook: Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) (ccdc.cambridge)


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