Introduction to CSD-Materials for CSDU modules



August 31, 2023

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  • Learn how CSD software can help you to assess the stability of solid forms in this CSDU (self-guided on-demand training) module. This video forms part of a short course that introduces scientists – crystallographers, chemists and cheminformaticians, among others, to mining the wealth of knowledge in the Cambridge Structural Database to gain insights into crystal structures. We will see how to use CCDC’s Mercury in a data-driven approach to solid-form investigation through videos, demonstrations, guided tutorials, and a test that can be completed at the end to earn a certificate. In this introductory video lesson, we will cover: - 00:04 Learning outcomes - 00:14 Solid form selection in product development - 01:06 Mining the CSD for solid forms and the insights which can be derived - 02:43 Impact of hydrogen bonding on lattice stability: the ritonavir polymorphism story and which insights could be derived from the CSD on this case study - 03:46 From the pyramids to pharmaceuticals: what influences solid-form stability? - 05:59 Overview of tools in CSD-Materials for structural analysis, solid-form stability and solid-form risk assessment After watching this video, continue your CSDU module with the demo tutorial linked in the playlist. Follow us on social media: Instagram: @ccdc_cambridge Twitter: @ccdc_cambridge Facebook: Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) (ccdc.cambridge)


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