CCDC Software Installation Step by Step - from 2023.1 release.



August 29, 2023

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  • The new CCDC software installer allows you to only download and install what you need rather than updating all the CCDC software and data in one go. This results in a much smaller size installer. Once installed, you can update individual products and data separately as new versions become available, without the need for admin rights to your computer. In this video, you will find: -00:00 Requirements for installation of the CSD software -00:42 Requesting download links for the CSD software -01:38 Downloading the CSDS Online Installer -02:17 Adjusting the settings of the CSD Portfolio -02:45 Specifying the portfolio directory of the CSD Portfolio installation -03:24 Activating CSD licensed features -03:55 Selecting the CSD-software components to install -04:57 Adding or removing components of the CSD Portfolio -05:28 Accepting the License Agreement -05:38 Start menu shortcut selection -05:53 Choosing the telemetry options -06:25 Installing the CSD Portfolio -07:06 What’s New in the CSD release -07:18 Using the Maintenance tool to update, add or remove components -08:00 Adding or removing components

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