Accelerate Your Research With Luminex's xMAP INTELLIFLEX – Sherry Dunbar, PhD



August 21, 2023

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  • Get to know Luminex’s xMAP® Technology all over again. For 27 years, xMAP Technology has become known as the worldwide leader in bead-based multiplexing. With the new xMAP INTELLIFLEX®, we have re-energized the xMAP platform with a modern, fast, flexible and intuitive flow-based analysis system that can deliver twice the data in a single well as compared to previous instruments. Join us to learn about the exciting applications of the xMAP INTELLIFLEX and its new dual reporter capability. We’ll describe some recently published studies that used this system, focusing on serological analyses. xMAP Technology enabled the multiplexed analysis of antigen-specific antibodies and the xMAP INTELLIFLEX’s simultaneous measuring of two antibody isotypes within a single well. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Learning Objectives: 1. Refresh your knowledge of Luminex and xMAP bead-based multiplexing technology and how it has been used in life sciences research for the past 27 years. 2. Learn about the enhanced features and the novel second reporter channel of the innovative xMAP INTELLIFLEX, Luminex's newest instrument for xMAP Technology. 3. Learn about recent work that demonstrates the dual reporter functionality of the xMAP INTELLIFLEX for multiplexed serological analysis with antibody isotyping. Learn more:

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