34 Position N-EVAP Sample Concentrator Demonstration



August 15, 2023

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  • Organomation’s N-EVAP design has been around since the 1950s and continues to be popular sample evaporation solution in labs throughout the world. The 34 position nitrogen evaporator provides one of the highest sample capacities in our N-EVAP product line, paired with easy-to-use digital controls. It utilizes a unique spring assisted sample holder, a feature exclusive to the N-EVAP concentrators. This design allows multiple tube sizes to be held in the unit at once, so there’s no need to purchase additional racks like other competing units. It’s able to accommodate tubes with an outside diameter between 10 to 30 mm, making it an ideal solution for labs who are working with multiple methods at once. The entire manifold and sample holder move as a complete unit, so you can easily move it up and down, or rotate it to access each sample from the front. The combination of nitrogen blowdown technology and a heated water bath creates a gentle environment to protect your sample’s integrity, while rapidly evaporating off excessive solvent. The adjustable flow meter gives the user full control of the amount of nitrogen being delivered to the entire manifold assembly. There are also individual needle valves at each sample position that can precisely control the gas flow to each test tube. Gas flow can even be shut off at unused sample positions to conserve nitrogen. These valves can also be raised and lowered individually to accommodate a variety of tube heights. The temperature of the water bath can be precisely controlled by using the side digital control box. The cartridge heater system allows the water bath to reach up to 90 °C. The control box also includes a timer feature, which allows the heat and gas flow to be turned either on or off after a specified time period. As an additional safety measure, the instrument includes an internal pressure regulator which automatically limits the maximum PSI of the instrument. The user can easily monitor and adjust the instrument’s input pressure from the gauge on the top of the control box. The 34 position N-EVAP is ideal for labs who require a high capacity solution for evaporating a variety of sample sizes. With proper maintenance and care, you can expect your N-EVAP to last you upwards of 30 years. Feel confident in your sample concentration with Organomation’s N-EVAP evaporator. For more information on the 34 position N-EVAP, please reach out to our team at sales@organomation.com or call 978-838-7300. Contact Us: https://www.organomation.com/contact Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): https://uppbeat.io/t/hartzmann/paradise-island License code: H1H1Q9HILRSM0V6K

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