What is Corning Accelerated One-Step Extraction?



July 25, 2023

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  • What is Corning Accelerated One-Step Extraction? Corning Accelerated One-Step Extraction is an equivalent to the traditional continuous liquid-liquid extraction system. However, Corning’s technology allows it to be a much more efficient process. This method only requires 100 mL of an organic solvent compared to the 500 mL needed for the traditional continuous liquid-liquid method. The extraction time is also between 4-6 hours, unlike traditional methods which can take up to 18 hours. Less material and less time make Corning’s technology a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative for those extracting drinking water or other clean water samples. So how does the Corning One-Step Extraction process work? You’ll start out with your aqueous sample in the extractor body, and your organic solvent in the solvent reservoir. Methylene chloride is most common, but any solvent heavier than water is sufficient. The reservoir is placed inside a heated water bath, which causes the solvent to heat up and create solvent vapor. This vapor begins to travel up the Snyder column and into the condenser. The chilled condenser causes the vapor to condense, and drip onto the aqueous sample using multiple drip points. As the organic solvent travels through the water sample, it collects any analytes of interest. At the bottom of the extractor body, there is a hydrophobic membrane. This membrane allows the solvent and analyte to pass through, while holding the water sample in place. After the solvent passes through, it returns to the solvent reservoir and concentrator tube where the whole process will repeat over and over. Once your extraction is complete, simply turn the stopcock below the extractor body to prevent any more solvent from entering the concentrator tube. You are now left with a concentrated solution of your organic solvent and the analyte of interest. If necessary, you can further concentrate your sample by transferring the tube to a nitrogen evaporator. This will gently evaporate off any excess solvent that may hinder your final analysis. Typically, Corning extraction systems only allow you to work with one sample at a time. In order to further accelerate the extraction process, Organomation designed the ROT-X-TRACT-LC. The ROT-X-TRACT-LC is an extractor that is able to hold 8 Corning One-Step apparatuses at once. They are put into a compact circular formation, which allows the unit to maintain a small footprint. You can now extract up to 8 samples at once, with just one water supply line in, and one drain line out. The ROT-X-TRACT-LC is designed to increase the efficiency of the extraction process, allowing labs to exceed their goals and be more productive. For more information on the Corning One-Step technology, please visit the Organomation website, or contact our sales team. Contact Us: https://www.organomation.com/contact Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): https://uppbeat.io/t/hartzmann/paradise-island License code: H1H1Q9HILRSM0V6K

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