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NITRO-GEN+ Nitrogen Generator for LCMS Demonstration



June 27, 2023

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  • NITRO-GEN+ Nitrogen Generator for LCMS Demonstration Organomation’s NITRO-GEN+ nitrogen generator provides laboratories with an affordable source of nitrogen gas for various applications including sample preparation and LCMS. Utilizing a generator eliminates the need to work with high pressure cylinders which can be dangerous for the technicians handling them. You will also be provided with a 24/7 stream of high purity nitrogen, without the worry of switching out your tanks. The NITRO-GEN+ is able to provide up to 35 liters of nitrogen per minute at 97% purity. It is compatible with all Organomation evaporators up to 100 sample positions and almost all LCMS analyzers on the market. It is a complete plug-and-play solution that requires very minimal attention. To set up your generator, connect the gas outlet line from the generator to your application. Then connect the water outlet line to an external water tank or drain. Plug in the power cord, and turn it on with the switch at the back. Use the digital display at the top of the unit to set all your parameters, and hit start. To adjust the pressure, open the service box at the back of the device and use the left-side knob. Once the pressure is set, open the ON/OFF valve located on the gas outlet. This generator produces nitrogen with a combination of compressor and Pressure Swing Adsorption technology. The dual compressor design extends the lifespan of the compressors, keeping maintenance costs down. Pressure Swing Adsorption technology separates nitrogen molecules from compressed air by using carbon molecular sieves, also known as CMS columns. As the compressed air passes through, oxygen molecules and other contaminants are captured by the CMS while nitrogen flows through to an accumulation tank for use. The two CMS columns work in a cyclical process. Once a column reaches it’s capacity and cannot hold any more particles, a valve activates, causing the second column to pressurize. At the same time, the first column depressurizes, causing the captured particles to be released from the CMS and exhausted through an outlet. This process repeats over and over to provide an uninterrupted stream of nitrogen gas. The NITRO-GEN+ is ideal for labs who are looking for an affordable solution to nitrogen generation. With a focus on safety and reliability, this unit has become a staple in many labs worldwide. For any questions or concerns, please reach out to our team at Contact Us: Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: H1H1Q9HILRSM0V6K

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