Quick Introduction to Metal and Organic Scavengers - Webinar



April 20, 2023

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  • New to metal and organic scavengers? Not too sure what they are? Our silica expert goes over these and other popular questions to give the basics of scavengers, so that you have a good understanding within 6 minutes. This min-webinar answers: - What are scavengers - Why use them - How to use them - Selecting a scavenger - Optimizing scavenging efficiency If interested in knowing more about scavengers, resources are available on our website. These include: - FAQ section - https://www.silicycle.com/ca/faq/metal-organic-scavengers - Application Notes - https://www.silicycle.com/ca/resource-center/application-notes - Portfolio overview and selection guide - https://www.silicycle.com/ca/products/metal-scavengers


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