How to Calibrate 1D or 2D Gels or Blots Using a Stepwedge in Phoretix 1D



February 27, 2023

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  • Calibration is an important part of some user's workflows, allowing harmonisation across your labs or even within the same lab using different imaging devices such as gel docs or densitometers to scan your immunoblots or electrophoresis gels. Our TotalLab GxP software fully supports calibration of images to convert pixel intensity to optical density or whatever other calibrated metric you wish to use. 00:00 - Intro 01:35 - Why calibrating images is important 01:55 - How to import your stepwedge 02:45 - How to open the calibration mode 03:08 - False colour heatmap 04:08 - Creating a calibration map 05:20 - Quick sampling stepwedge to define steps 05:55 - Manual sampling points for calibration 06:30 - Standard curve/line of best fit for calibration data 08:40 - Equations for calibration data fitting 11:20 - Saving calibration files 13:20 - Applying calibration file to an image Calibration is compatible with 1D or 2D images and our Phoretix or SameSpots/SpotMap image analysis products. See our other image analysis-based products here: where you can request a free trial of our software. And if you want to get in touch with us here at TotalLab: Website: LinkedIn: #calibration #imagecalibration #westernblot #electrophoresis #SDS-PAGE #tlc #quantification #immunoblot #software #imageanalysis #totallab1d #imagej #21cfr #FDA #lifescience

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