Gastric Cancer Survival Outcome Prediction With Novel Inflammation Index



February 10, 2023

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  • Oncotarget published this research paper in Volume 14, entitled, “Novel inflammation-combined prognostic index to predict survival outcomes in patients with gastric cancer" by researchers from the Department of Digestive and General Surgery, Shimane University Faculty of Medicine, Izumo, Shimane 693-8501, Japan; Department of Surgery, Matsue Red Cross Hospital, Matsue, Shimane 690-0886, Japan; Department of Surgery, Masuda Red Cross Hospital, Masuda, Shimane 698-8501, Japan. DOI - Correspondence to - Noriyuki Hirahara - Abstract Background: We focused on the lymphocyte-to-monocyte ratio (LMR), neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR), and platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio (PLR) and devised an inflammation-combined prognostic index (ICPI) as a prognostic marker of cancer-specific survival (CSS). Methods: We reviewed the clinicopathological data of 480 patients with gastric cancer undergoing curative laparoscopic gastrectomy between 2009 and 2019. This study examined the significance of LMR, NLR, PLR, and ICPI as cancer-specific prognostic markers. Results: In univariate analysis, tumor diameter, histological differentiation, pathological tumor-node-metastasis (pTNM) stage, LMR, NLR, PLR, C-reactive protein (CRP) level, carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), and postoperative chemotherapy were significantly associated with CSS. In multivariate analysis, pTNM stage and CEA were the independent risk factors for CSS, although LMR, NLR, and PLR were not the independent risk factors for CSS. The ICPI formula was constructed using hazard ratios for three inflammation-based biomarkers with worse prognosis identified in the univariate analysis: LMR <4.315, NLR ≥2.344, and PLR ≥212.01, which were each scored as 1, with all remaining values pointed at 0. ICPI was calculated as follows: ICPI = 2.9 × LMR + 2.8 × NLR + 2.8 × PLR. The optimal cutoff value of ICPII was 2.9. On multivariate analysis, pTNM stage, CEA, and ICPI were independent prognostic factors for CSS. In the Kaplan–Meier survival analysis, CSS in the high ICPI group was significantly worse than that in the low ICPI group. Conclusion: ICPI was devised as a novel predictive index for prognosis, and its usefulness was clarified. Sign up for free Altmetric alerts about this article - Keywords - gastric cancer, laparoscopic gastrectomy, novel predictive index, inflammation-combined prognostic index, cancer-specific survival About Oncotarget Oncotarget is a primarily oncology-focused, peer-reviewed, open access journal. Papers are published continuously within yearly volumes in their final and complete form, and then quickly released to Pubmed. On September 15, 2022, Oncotarget was accepted again for indexing by MEDLINE. Oncotarget is now indexed by Medline/PubMed and PMC/PubMed. To learn more about Oncotarget, please visit and connect with us: SoundCloud - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - LinkedIn - Pinterest - Reddit - Media Contact MEDIA@IMPACTJOURNALS.COM 18009220957

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