Unraveling the Mysteries of 3D Organoids With Live-Cell Analysis



February 23, 2023

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  • Join Kalpana Barnes, manager in cell imaging applications at Sartorius AG, in this Teach Me in 10 as she provides a brief introduction to organoids and the intricate process of creating them using the Incucyte workflow. You'll learn how to embed organoid cultures in Matrigel, in microtiter plates, and how live-cell analysis can be built into your workflow. Kalpana will also provide guidance on setting up and optimizing your experiments to ensure accurate results, and show you how live-cell analysis can be used to measure organoid growth and death. Join us to explore the cutting-edge technology of 3D organoids and the incredible potential it holds for the future of medicine.

    Analytical TechniquesCell CultureCell ScienceDrug Discovery

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