The Cannabis Consumer: Establishing a Consumer Technical Model for Consumer Cannabis



October 26, 2022

Understanding cannabis consumers’ needs and wants is essential to the development of valued products that deliver on their promise. The vast majority of new product introductions fail in market because a key understanding is still missing...the consumer. Is the product really effective in what it claims? Is that even what the consumer wants? To be successful, whether B2B or B2C, you’re going to have to prove it. Consumer research ensures you are developing the right product that fulfils the consumer need, meets expectations, and drives purchase behavior, but also proves to distributors, investors, and partners that the product will be here to stay. With our experience, we’ve seen it all; up, down, and sideways! In this session, we will introduce how to make products successful in market using insightful consumer research.

Analytical TechniquesCannabis ScienceChromatographyMass Spectrometry

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