Bruker Mass Spec Virtual Live Demo: MALDI IHC Imaging in whole tissue sections



October 21, 2022

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  • If you are currently using immuno-imaging techniques to study protein pathways in tissue, watch our virtual live demo from the lab on demand , to see how Bruker’s new MALDI-IHC Imaging workflow delivers greater speed and field-of-view for multiplexed protein imaging in tissue, while providing thousands of untargeted molecular images that enable deeper tissue subtyping. This interactive session will show how easy it is to prepare samples for MALDI-IHC Imaging and determine the readout from acquired data. This live demo will feature the timsTOF fleX, but all Smartbeam 3D instruments are able to complete this workflow.

    Cancer ResearchImaging/MicroscopyProteomics and Metabolomics

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