Microplastics in Rivers With Professor Jamie Woodward



August 25, 2022

Jamie Woodward is a professor of Physical Geography at The University of Manchester where he leads a group exploring microplastic contamination in rivers. He is a geomorphologist – his research examines environmental change and how people interact with rivers from the Nile Valley to the River Mersey. In this Teach Me in 10, you will learn: That river beds can be heavily contaminated with microplastics, why monitoring microplastic contamination on river beds is important, how microplastics accumulate on river beds in high concentrations, microplastic assemblages can be used to identify poor wastewater practice, why effective wastewater treatment is key to protecting river ecosystems and how ocean currents transport microplastics to the Arctic. For more resources on microplastics, you can check out: Animation highlighting the impact of this research,article in research features paper in Nature Sustainability.

Analytical TechniquesChemistryEnvironmental MonitoringEnvironmental Science

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