Industry 4.0 QC of silicon wafers with contact angles | MSA



August 24, 2022

The growing importance of photovoltaics for sustainable energy production is related not least to the major advances in solar technology. The Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP makes an important contribution to this development. In a current research project, the Fraunhofer CSP is using the KRÜSS Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA and the API of the ADVANCE software for the final inspection of photovoltaic raw wafers in an industry 4.0 process after they have been cleaned. The main focus is on the effects of different process parameters in the wafer manufacturing chain on the efficiency of finished cells and how the contact angle correlates with this efficiency. The results promise to be groundbreaking for the quality control of photovoltaic wafers. More information: Efficient solar energy production with contact angle measurements on wafers – KRÜSS:

Analytical TechniquesAutomation

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