Analytical Challenges in the European Cannabis Industry



August 19, 2022

Speaking at the Analytical Cannabis Expo Europe Online 2021, Rime Bahij, PhD, Head of Research at QNTM Labs presented her talk on analytical challenges in the European cannabis industry. Abstract: Medical cannabis has shown efficacy through clinical trials and is being deployed legally in medical settings as a therapeutic for numerous conditions. However, there continues to be considerable variation in the regulatory approaches towards medical cannabis between European countries. Across Europe, various countries allow the use of cannabinoid containing medicinal products, and a growing number have established standalone medical cannabis programmes. The formal definition of ‘medical cannabis’ is often misinterpreted, and therefore its terminology has many grey areas. The European medical cannabis market lacks a common regulatory framework and there is a pressing need to develop clear policies and regulations across territories to foster harmonisation. The highly regulated nature of this sector demands rigorous quality control measures that require advanced analytical techniques to ensure product safety. The nature of the Cannabis plant and its status as an illegal and controlled narcotic in many countries, adds a level of complexity to the development of harmonised analytical protocols. This talk will highlight some of the analytical challenges facing this developing sector.

Analytical TechniquesCannabis ScienceChromatographyMass Spectrometry

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