Table of Contents: Volume 14, Issue 15



August 16, 2022

View the latest research on aging in Volume 14, Issue 15. Research Paper (Cover): “Profiles of behavioral, social and psychological well-being in old age and their association with mobility-limitation-free survival” Editorial: “Sex difference in epigenomic instability during human aging” Editorial: “NAD+ to assess health in aging humans” Editorial: “T cell senescence by N-glycan branching” Research Paper: “mtDNA variability determines spontaneous joint aging damage in a conplastic mouse model” Research Paper: “Senolytic drugs relieve pain by reducing peripheral nociceptive signaling without modifying joint tissue damage in spontaneous osteoarthritis” ​​ Research Paper: “Ascorbic acid induces salivary gland function through TET2/acetylcholine receptor signaling in aging SAMP1/Klotho (-/-) mice” Research Paper: “Regulation of microglial activation in stroke in aged mice: a translational study” Research Paper: “PDCD10 promotes the aggressive behaviors of pituitary adenomas by up-regulating CXCR2 and activating downstream AKT/ERK signaling” Research Paper: “Influence of cardiovascular risk burden on pulmonary function trajectory: role of physical and social activities” Research Paper: “miRNA-338-3p inhibits the migration, invasion and proliferation of human lung adenocarcinoma cells by targeting MAP3K2” Research Paper: “Serial neurocognitive changes following transcatheter aortic valve replacement: comparison between low and intermediate-high risk groups” Research Paper: “MAB21L1 promotes survival of lens epithelial cells through control of αB-crystallin and ATR/CHK1/p53 pathway” Research Paper: “Interleukin-17D promotes lung cancer progression by inducing tumor-associated macrophage infiltration via the p38 MAPK signaling pathway” ​​ Research Paper: “A signature constructed with mitophagy-related genes to predict the prognosis and therapy response for breast cancer” Research Paper: “Artemisia argyi exhibits anti-aging effects through decreasing the senescence in aging stem cells” Research Paper: “SIAH1-mediated RPS3 ubiquitination contributes to chemosensitivity in epithelial ovarian cancer” Research Paper: “CBXs-related prognostic gene signature correlates with immune microenvironment in gastric cancer” Research Paper: “Targeting circRNA-MAP4K2 for the treatment of diabetes-induced retinal vascular dysfunction” Research Paper: “The comprehensive expression and functional analysis of m6A modification “readers” in hepatocellular carcinoma” Research Paper: “Establishing and validating an ADCP-related prognostic signature in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma” Research Paper: “SAAL1, a novel oncogene, is associated with prognosis and immunotherapy in multiple types of cancer” Research Paper: “Comprehensive pan-cancer analysis reveals the prognostic value and immunological role of SPIB” Research Paper: “Clinical outcomes and potential therapies prediction of subgroups based on a ferroptosis-related long non-coding RNA signature for gastric cancer” About Aging-US Launched in 2009, Aging-US publishes papers of general interest and biological significance in all fields of aging research and age-related diseases, including cancer—and now, with a special focus on COVID-19 vulnerability as an age-dependent syndrome. Topics in Aging-US go beyond traditional gerontology, including, but not limited to, cellular and molecular biology, human age-related diseases, pathology in model organisms, signal transduction pathways (e.g., p53, sirtuins, and PI-3K/AKT/mTOR, among others), and approaches to modulating these signaling pathways. Please visit our website at​​ and connect with us: SoundCloud - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - YouTube -​ LinkedIn -

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