Feiyuebio ELISA kit Customize Service



August 12, 2022

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  • We can design and produce your required ELISA Kits for a wide range of targets and species. Just submit your detailed required information, Custom ELISA Kit service will be provided without any risk. Our custom ELISA kits are able to reliably detect and quantify your unique antigens. Each kit of Feiyuebio is extensively tested, developed and validated to ensure its sensitivity to your target. Our high quality custom ELISA kits will play a great role in your test! Just provide specific antibodies, high purity antigen. Feiyuebio can develop specific ELISA Kit according to your personalized needs. These kits can be used for quantitative determination of protein concentration by ELISA sandwich method, competitive method (antigen assay), indirect method (antibody assay), or competitive method (small molecule compound assay).

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