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August 2, 2022

Product Page: Contact Us: ROT-X-TRACT, 8 Position, 500 mL Demonstration Video: Organomation’s ROT-X-TRACT easily runs up to eight solid-liquid Soxhlet extraction’s at once. The circular rotating design takes up minimal fume hood or benchtop space. It also prevents water lines from tangling by having only one water supply line in and one drain line out. The water line can be connected to either cold tap-water or a recirculating chiller. The rotating manifold and sample holder allow each sample to be removed from the front for easy access, which is especially helpful when working within a fume hood. Make sure to close off any vacant sample positions by using the hole covers provided. This will keep the steam in the water bath, which is needed for the extraction process. There is also a built in condenser flow valve located on the water drain line. This regulates the pressure in the water manifold and the water level in the condenser. It also maintains an even water stream to all sample positions throughout the extraction process. Flow is easily monitored by the flow meter located above the side control box. Start by placing your solid sample into the extraction thimble, and put it into the extractor. Fill up the round bottom flask with the solvent used for your application. Once the water bath heats up, the solvent in the flask will begin evaporating, creating solvent vapor. This vapor will travel up through the distillation tube, and into the condenser. The cold water begins to compress the vapor, which will drip into and pass through the thimble containing your sample. This process will extract any analytes from the sample. Once the solvent has reached the syphon point, it will drain from the extractor body and into the boiling flask. This cycle can be repeated as many times as is necessary for your application. The ROT-X-TRACT also comes with a side control box to manage all the instrument settings. There is an on/off toggle switch located at the very front of the box which controls power to the entire instrument. The set temperature as well as the current bath temperature are also displayed. The orange light indicates whether the heat is turned on or off. There are many timer control options and modes on the ROT-X-TRACT. You can set both an on-delay or off-delay using the controller located on the left side of the box. This will allow your instrument to automatically turn on or off after a specified time period. You can also manually control the process if desired. Thank you for watching our demonstration! If you have questions or would like more information on this ROT-X-TRACT, please reach out to or speak with one of Organomation’s sales technicians at: 978-838-7300.

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