Introducing Zeno SWATH Data Independent Acquisition (DIA)



July 7, 2022

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  • Harness the power of Zeno SWATH data independent acquisition (DIA) to deliver a high depth of coverage, particularly on low abundance species, quickly and robustly. • Identify and quantify up to twice as many proteins as with traditional SWATH DIA approaches • Shorten run times to as little as 5 minutes with minimal compromise in proteome coverage • Reduce sample size to a tenth or twentieth with low loads of 10 ng • Discover and translate significant biomarkers confidently with higher MS/MS sensitivity Seeing is believing. Zeno SWATH DIA allows the highest level of depth in your data in the shortest amount of time compared to traditional SWATH DIA. Bring significant sensitivity gains, revealing tens, hundreds and even thousands more identified and quantified analytes in a shorter time and with higher precision than ever before.

    Analytical TechniquesDrug DiscoveryMass SpectrometryProteomics and Metabolomics

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