USE of PEGs to Accelerate the Development of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)



July 18, 2022

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  • Antibody–drug conjugate (ADC), comprising a monoclonal antibody, the cytotoxic payload and the linker, has developed rapidly in recent years. The ADC linker plays a crucial role in ADC development. An ideal linker should be stable in the circulatory system and release the cytotoxic payload specifically in the tumor. Find an ideal ADC linker is not easy. PEGs are perfect as a ADC linker, which can enable higher load ADC species. PEGs can create a shield, encapsulating the ADC payload from its microenvironment, increasing solubility and stability. Additional benefits include reduced immunogenicity, improved pharmacokinetics, increased circulation time and decreased toxicity. Biopharma PEG is your reliable PEG linker provider for your ADC development. Our unparalleled manufacturing expertise has enabled us to focus on PEG derivatives production from milligrams & grams lab scale to GMP large scale. We can provide linear and branched, monodispered and polydispersed PEG derivatives with multifunctional groups to meet your needs. Now, we have hundreds of clients worldwide. Visit for more details.

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