Post-Extraction Processing: Where Science and Ethics Meet



May 26, 2022

Speaking in February 2022, Sabrina Didado, Founder & Owner of Cosmic Harvest Hemp, explored post-extraction processing. Abstract: With the rise of lawsuits against CBD companies and lack of communication from the FDA, compliance is one of the main, if not, the most important topics when it comes to producing hemp and cannabis products. This industry has a long road ahead with many obstacles to overcome in order to be the great industry that it can be. Post-extraction is the most critical step in the hemp and cannabis product manufacturing process when it comes to producing a compliant product. This presentation, focuses on post-extraction processes, will cover the tricky and unspoken topic of compliance, ethics, and how science not only can help, but also hurt this non-negotiable topic.

Analytical TechniquesCannabis ScienceEnvironmental ScienceFood and Beverage

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