The Inside Scoop on Cannabis and Psychedelics From Dr. Nigam B. Arora – Part 1



April 14, 2022

The cannabis industry is expanding more rapidly than ever before. A similar trajectory is emerging within the psychedelics industry. Our latest Teach Me in 10 episode is a two-part collaboration with our sister site Analytical Cannabis, which examines the impact of these rapidly evolving industries and the next season of a growing podcast. Our guest today is Dr. Nigam B. Arora, founding partner at Marcu & Arora. His podcast "How to Launch an Industry" combines meaningful and fact-based conversations with a rare, insider’s viewpoint to explore the hottest topics from the world of cannabis and psychedelics science. In part one, Lucy and Nigam discuss the upcoming series, and whether the current excitement about the renewed interest in psychedelics is a help or a hindrance.

Analytical TechniquesBiopharmaCannabis ScienceDrug Discovery

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