E-PAK cartridge housings, from lab to commercial scale



April 13, 2022

E-PAK is a family of radial flow purification cartridges developed specifically for pharmaceutical processing from the lab scale all the way up to commercial sizes. Scaling up is easy when it comes to E-PAK as it follows a linear trend, that way you can be sure that your lab results can be easily achieved at pilot and commercial purification steps. Offered with a choice of metal scavengers, bare silica or activated carbons, these cartridges are designed to remove precious metal catalysts, reaction-by-products or color from synthetic reaction mixtures and natural products. For more information on E-PAK, visit us at: https://www.silicycle.com/products/e-pak-purification-cartridges Have questions about metal scavengers? Visit our FAQ page: https://www.silicycle.com/faq/metal-organic-scavengers SiliCycle also has a product blog page and frequently touches on the drug purification. Some articles that may be of interest include; Excelling at scaling-up: https://www.silicycle.com/articles/cat/product-blog/post/some-people-excel-at-scaling-up-their-purifications-and-some-dont-which-one-are-you Streamlining scale-up: https://www.silicycle.com/articles/cat/product-blog/post/how-to-streamline-metal-scavenger-scale-up-during-drug-development/ Simplifying catalyst removal: https://www.silicycle.com/articles/cat/product-blog/post/simplifying-metal-catalyst-removal-in-drug-development-applications/ Eliminating metal contamination: https://www.silicycle.com/articles/cat/product-blog/post/pharmaceutical-metal-scavengers/

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