Take a closer look at the E-PAK cartridge



April 6, 2022

Created with proprietary technology, E-PAK radial flow cartridges provide rapid adsorption kinetics and processing capacities for laboratory, pilot and commercial operations. They are designed for use with both organic and aqueous solvents, and incorporate design features useful for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Features include: • Proven cartridge design to ensure rapid, simple & reliable technology • Fixed-bed design ensuring safer handling, clean-up and disposal • Large adsorbent capacity in small area footprint increases product recovery & reduces solvent requirements Offered with a choice of metal scavengers, bare silica & activated carbons, these cartridges are designed to remove precious metal catalysts, reaction-by-products or color from synthetic reaction mixtures and natural products. For more information on E-PAK, visit us at: https://www.silicycle.com/products/e-pak-purification-cartridges

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