How does flash chromatography work?



April 6, 2022

Flash chromatography is a widely established chemical separation technique based on the polarity differences of compounds. General the following will influence the efficiency and success of your separation and purification: 1-Methodology 2-Theory of separation 3-Choice of solvent 4-Loading the column 5-Solvent equilibration 6-Loading of the sample 7-Column capacity To know more about the principal common steps listed above and some rules of thumb for performing flash chromatography read this Application Note: Have more questions about Flash Chromatography or about the sorbents you can use? Visit our FAQ page : Prior to performing a separation with a chromatographic column, it is highly recommended to perform screening tests using thin layer chromatography (TLC) to determine the best conditions for the separation. To understand the relationship and how one transfers to the other, our FAQ video series is great. Videos available on LabTube.

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