The Most Important Features of a Parallel Evaporator



March 24, 2022

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  • In this 4-minute video, let Wayne highlight the most important features in a system for parallel evaporation if you are interested in reliable and reproducible results. Learn more about how: - A heated base and heated vacuum cover encourage vapor flow towards condenser - Rigids prevent backflow of sample and prevent sample contamination ❗ Analyst configuration for environmental and food quality control applications: - Cool appendix can help concentrate samples to defined residual volumes - Flushback module accessory improves analyte recovery by refluxing condensed solvent on glassware walls ❗ Polyvap configuration for simultaneous evaporation of up to 96 samples: - Intuitive vacuum control enables you to concentrate analytes - Racks for 4 to 96 samples enable unique versatility for high-throughput labs - With interface: fully automated solution for high analytical precision, reproducibility, safety - Vacuum vortex rotation that enables fast and gentle evaporation for volatile and heat-sensitive analytes - Sophisticated condenser that addresses safety and environmental concerns - Secondary condenser that can recover more than 95% of solvent 👉 Find out more:

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