Ice Ice, Baby – An Intro to Cryopreservation



March 16, 2022

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  • What is cryopreservation? What techniques are there/how do we do it? When did we first cryopreserve gametes, and has it changed over time, and what are some new directions for cryopreservation? Dr. Jarrod McKenna, who holds a graduate diploma and PhD in reproductive sciences from Monash University, explains all in this week's episode of Teach Me in 10. Dr. McKenna's PhD involved working with Egyptian spiny mice, the world’s only known menstruating rodent, to define assisted reproductive techniques (such as cryopreservation), while also describing fundamental characteristics of spiny mouse pregnancy and embryo implantation. For more inforamtion, Dr. McKenna recommends: Terminology associated with vitrification and other cryopreservation procedures for oocytes and embryos, Controlled ice nucleation in cryopreservation--a review and Successful cryopreservation of coral larvae using vitrification and laser warming.

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