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Ultra deep freezer Versafreeze LAUDA by



March 2, 2022

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  • All the informations, models and prices on LAUDA Versafreeze - for safe, stable and long-term storage of vaccines, organics and valuable laboratory samples which must be stored at low temperatures. The main qualities of Versafreeze: - High quality components - Vacuum panels from va-Q-tec, compressors from Embraco and controllers from Störk. LAUDA Versafreeze is built with quality and reliability in mind. Excellent temperature distribution LAUDA Versafreeze offers exceptional temperature homogeneity and ensures the safe storage of sensitive products throughout the freezer space. Safe storage LAUDA Maximum possible safety for your samples, even in the event of a power failure, thanks to the long warm-up times. The integrated accumulator maintains the actual temperature display and alarm functions for up to 60 hours. Excellent insulation properties - safe storage. Vacuum panels, waterproof polyurethane foam insulation and thermal film enable efficient energy consumption, high temperature stability, short blast chilling times and maximum heating times. Cutting-edge control - IOT The modern touch display offers intuitive navigation with various configuration options, a data logger, password-protected user access and secure monitoring via LAUDA Cloud Typical fields of application: • Safe storage of organic substances, vaccines or reference strains of microorganisms • Cold storage of enzymes and test kits in laboratories and hospitals • Storage in pharmaceutical and chemical facilities • Storage in pharmaceutical logistics centers


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