Screening in Drug Discovery With Richard Cuthbert



February 24, 2022

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  • Flow cytometry can generate exquisitely detailed information about individual cells at a resolution comparable to single-cell technology. In this Teach me in 10, we are joined by Richard Cuthbert, global commercialization product manager at Bio-Rad Laboratories. We discuss some of the challenges associated with high-throughput screening technologies and the benefits of flow cytometry. We also debate how recent advancements in the field have vastly increased the throughput capabilities which can be further enhanced by integrating robotic work cells, making it a viable prospect as a screening technology. We also highlight important factors to consider when purchasing a flow cytometry platform for screening applications. Finally, we explore the current unmet needs in the field, speculate on future advancements and suggest some useful resources to help you learn more about flow cytometry.

    Analytical TechniquesDrug DiscoveryFlow ChemistryImaging/Microscopy

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