Cultivating a Sustainable Future



January 4, 2022

Speaking at The Science of Cannabis Cultivation Online Symposium in December 2021, Alisia Ratliff, Chief Executive Officer at Victus Consulting Ventures explored the future of sustainability in cannabis cultivation. Abstract: Cultivation methods in the cannabis industry are known to be tried and true when it comes to growing, harvesting, and distributing flower into the market. Historically, the focus has been high yields, perpetual harvests, and high-end facilities. With the conversation of climate change becoming more and more relevant in our world, how do these practices affect the environment? What are some of the ways we as an industry can do our part to reverse extractive farming practices and regenerate health into our ecosystem? Obtaining a deeper understanding around soil health, carbon footprints and bioaccumulation can lead us into a more sustainable future as an industry and people.

Cannabis ScienceEnvironmental MonitoringEnvironmental ScienceFood and Beverage

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