Flash Separation of Dye Mixture with 25 μm spherical bare silica gel (Time Lapse)



December 9, 2021

Watch a time lapse of a dye mixture having each colour separated and isolated via flash chromatography using bare silica spherical gel. Procedure Cartridge : FLH-10095D-A-ISO40 (https://www.silicycle.com/products/siliasep-flash-cartridges/portfolio/siliasep-premium/flh-10095d-a) Solvent : A = Methanol, B = Ethyl Acetate Conditioning : 100% Ethyl Acetate, 1 min at 100 mL/min Injection : 0.5 mL via liquid loading Gradient : -Segment 1 : 100%B, for 1 min at 100 mL/min -Segment 2 : 100-55% B, 5 min at 100 mL/min -Segment 3 : 55% B, 6 min at 100 mL/min Our flash chromatography products offer high levels of performance and reproducibility. The flash media consistently has a tight particle size distribution with low fines and extremely low metal ion content, for more predictable and easier separations. Using SiliCycle SiliaSep cartridges, you can purify your sample base on different mechanisms depending on the properties or your compound. Learn more about SiliaSep PREMIUM https://www.silicycle.com/products/siliasep-flash-cartridges/portfolio/siliasep-premium

Analytical TechniquesChemistryChromatographyFlow Chemistry

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