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DonorPlex™ Pooled Donor Human Hepatocytes Enable the Next Level of Reliability | Lonza



September 24, 2021

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  • Watch our expert, Maureen Bunger, PhD, explain how our patented manufacturing process ensures that the DonorPlex™ Hepatocytes exhibit improved phenotype reproducibility. Additionally, we have a proprietary algorithm that predicts yield, viability and functional phenotype prior to manufacture which ensures individual customer specifications are met. Learn more about DonorPlex™ Pooled Donor Human Hepatocytes: Learn how Lonza can support your liver research applications: DonorPlex™ Pooled Donor Human Hepatocytes products from Lonza: #ADME #Toxicology #Drugmetabolism #pharmacokinetic #DrugDiscovery #hepatocytes #primarycells #FDA #Lonza #DrugDrugInteraction #DDI

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